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ll Piccolo Castello

Spiritual Center in Nottiano / Assisi

Return to yourself

Surrounded by the silence of the Monte Subasio lies the medieval village of Nottiano, whose ruined houses tell of the last great earthquake that struck Assisi in 1997. Rising from the ancient ruins is the Piccolo Castello, a building whose foundations date back to the early 14th century. Here the gate opens for people who want to withdraw from their everyday lives to observe their lives in silence and mindfulness, touching the aliveness of being.

The powerful presence of the mountain and the untamed environment invites seekers to explore themselves and draw closer to the divine.

Designed for themselves or accompanied by an experienced or well-traveled teacher, people can come to this place for days or weeks and let the truth find them.

In the following few pages, we describe ways we offer you to be in silent retreat with yourself in this powerful place. We are happy to answer questions at or telegram: +39 371 6915390

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