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Retreat – Stop and explore yourself

Honest peace can only come about when people no longer shape their lives out of personal mechanisms and learned habits, but out of the realization of their own being in the world.

By retreat at Piccolo Castello we mean a time when people enter into silence. For us, silence means first and foremost the willingness to devote oneself to exploring the inner landscapes, as far as possible without distraction from the outer world. Silence can be useful to this inner journey of discovery. Likewise, a meditation practice, especially sitting in silence, alertly observing the mind, can promote an honest encounter with oneself. What experiences, what gifts, or even what challenges revealed themselves is hard to predict. It is a leap into the unknown of being, a step towards the mysterious. Whether it reveals itself to the searching person remains uncertain.

We offer the following options on how you can spend YOUR retreat at Piccolo Castello:

Option #1:
You design your days in your own way. You occupy a room in the Piccolo Castello and get access to the kitchen, the meditation room and the chapel. The organization of your days is up to you. You will prepare your own meals. If other retreat guests are sharing the house at the same time, you can arrange to meditate or eat together. If you wish, we can provide the kitchen with food.


Option #2:
You let us accompany you during your stay at Piccolo Castello. At the beginning we will have a conversation with you in which you will formulate your orientation and your intention, ask questions that move you and discuss with us a structure for your days. Once a day we will practice meditation together, you will have the opportunity to get an introduction to the practice of silent sitting in the style of Zen and to be accompanied in it.
Once a day we will meet to hear about your experiences, give guidance and discuss questions. Our orientation for the accompaniment is to support the person on his or her individual path. We draw from our spiritual sources and we respect your own religious and spiritual orientation. We see YOU in your current life situation and strengthen your potential to recognize YOU as awake and honest as possible.
Also with this option: You can use the rooms and you prepare your own meals. If at the same time other retreat guests share the house with you, you can arrange to meditate together or have your meals together. If you wish, we can provide the kitchen with groceries.


Option #3
You will participate in one of the group retreats that we organize. Depending on the number of participants, we cannot guarantee a single room during this type of retreat. The schedule varies depending on the orientation of the days, please refer to the event information for the exact details..

The cost
for one overnight stay: 25,- €
for an individually accompanied retreat additionally: 80,- per day
for a group retreat: see under „Events

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