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Adventure of life in family and work

We, Solveig, Damiano, and our two sons, Malvin and Dhyan, have lived since 2016 in Italy on the mountain farm Terra Buona near Assisi. We come from a creative time in Germany, where we revived a small seminar center in Simonswald, a town in the Black Forest near Freiburg, where we held our own seminars: Solveig (musician, Gestalt therapist, and non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy) founded the Academy for Intuition and Damiano (theologian, Gestalt therapist and non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy) created the Gestalt Forum Freiburg, where Gestalt therapy training has been held since 2011.

In 2015 we found our current home and center of life, Terra Buona (read the story here). There we live with two dogs, five horses, a few bee hives, and some chickens, cultivate a vegetable garden, and take care of our 140 olive trees that give us precious olive oil every year, with the vision of creating a place where we can live with people who are with us for a while as guests, where we are with each other in silence, making activity on the land and in honest sharing. It soon became apparent that, as a family, we had needs that were difficult to reconcile with the many people who came to live with us. Therefore, we began to change our orientation without giving up our vision. For several years, we have had people coming to live and work with us through the Wwoof platform (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms). Here often, a wonderful community life develops, and at the same time, we respect our own limits and possibilities..

When in the fall of 2022, we became aware of the Castello in Nottiano in an unexpected way, and the owners decided to sell it, a new opportunity opened up to give our original vision a new place. In February 2023, the Piccolo Castello opened its doors. People come and immerse themselves in the silence. Seminars take place, singing of Taizé songs together, silent meditation, and services in the in-house chapel. We initiate and accompany the events with our love for the world and the desire that people can find a deeper understanding of themselves and the mysteries of life.

Solveig sayst:

I was lucky enough to spend much time in nature as a child. In feeling the plant world, I was left with an inkling of the divine, which every human being brings to earth. Initiated by fate, bodily experiences, and visionary power, the search for my spiritual, intuitive, and healing power began early.
I recognized the divine inherent in all living things and found the connection to the world of angels in meditation. Since then, communication with the angels has been part of my life.
I studied music and enjoyed teaching children to play the violin, viola, chamber music, and orchestra for many years. At the same time as studying music, I took up my first psychotherapeutic training. Later I trained as a Gestalt therapist and non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy.
I wish to accompany people through the turmoil of their personality so that an inkling of the divine may shine forth. According to my understanding, healing lies in letting the divine dimension into daily life, in healing one’s own history, and in becoming visible of one’s own luminous potential!

Damiano says:

I began studying theology in preparation for becoming a priest because I was guided by a desire to pass on something of my experience of the divine. However, my own spiritual journey of exploration soon led me to realize that none of the institutional religions could give me a home.
I discovered Gestalt therapy as guidance close to my original desire. It offers a therapeutic path to greater clarity and emotional healing. It provides an attitude that supports people in experiencing the joy of life and love.

After more than 30 years of accompanying people in change processes, my attention is again more focused on the transpersonal dimension of being. Beyond personal history, likes, and dislikes, beyond identifications with self-image, the answer to the question is waiting in silence:
Who am I?

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